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Saturday, March 24, 2012

What makes a hero?

I have been poking and prodding through my first draft feeling a little despondent.  As the ideas of the early part of my story rushed into my mind they seemed so grandiose and yet, it seems, I will have to tear the prose limb from limb and grind it to a pulp before reshaping it to fulfill my current vision.

Before I devote myself completely to the task I have found it necessary to dwell in a zen-like state on the history of my created world.  What makes it tick?  How does the story of Erik Kranden stem from the world around him?  What forces have been at work in the many centuries of my world, shaping the people who live upon it?

Who are the heroes that the children of Angdu aspire to imitate?  Lirien, a great warrior from the mountains of Iberna, cries the name of Feldor when he wades into battle with his foes.  Who is Feldor?  Is he a real man or a character of myth?

 Why does Lirien honor the name of a man he has never personally known? 

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