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Tuesday, October 25, 2011

The Fall of Shael

Exerpt from the writings of Naothemas of Thesk,
Scribe of the Holy Order of Laraben,
Servant of The Lady.
KP 237

Hear now the account of Shael the Firstborn, most eminent of created beings of the Golden Lady, cast forever to desolation.  Know thee the historical account and reconcile thy heart with the Creator.  Make thee not the mistake of pride which fell the Usurper, once a mighty light in the heavens, to dwell forever in the place of eternal darkness.  Cast illumination upon thy path, live ye not in his shadows lest thy soul anguish forever apart from Her light.

Five mighty servants watched over all of creation, tending to their mysteries, keeping order over all things.  Five mighty servants kneeled at Her feet in worship, an example to all lesser beings.  These were the five celestial brothers created before the stars took their forms.  One grew proud; thinking himself better than the others, thinking the throne of creation should be his rightful destiny.  The stars fell from the heavens, thrown from their balance.  Shael gathered power from the secret knowledge of the spirit realm to wrest dominion from his brothers.  Zephai stood strong and brave, the mightiest of the faithful, to save the others.  Dark secrets dwelt within Shael the usurper, secrets to add his brother’s powers to his own.  The Lady cast her evil servant down forever to live in darkness.  Her tears of sadness flowed in remembrance of her lost servant, falling upon the world to create the two races.  Never again would She create an equal to Shael, so it is written in the Book of Illumination.

Shael stirs in his dark place, angry at his creator.  Always watching hungrily from the shadows he waits to regain his former glory and to blot out all light from creation.  The souls of men will feed his return.

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